The internet fuelled a race to build software for the masses. Investor happiness was prioritised over user satisfaction and hypergrowth was born.

Limitless scale emerged as the golden standard whilst nimble companies struggled for a piece of the pie. Markets were not won with simplicity, but with complexity. A premise for Chaos.

There is an alternative. A future of work shaped by active collaboration and transparency.

OFC is leading the change with a digital playground for creatives to build momentum through systemised tooling, proven processes and shared connections.


An independent startup lab turns community-guided software studio.

Order From Chaos found its place on web2 with a handful of tools for creative teams. Roadmap was the first. We built it after realising that none of the current solutions matched our expectations. Too much bloat and too little focus. Then we built Sincere, a publishing platform and Slim, a data analytics tool.

We’ve learnt a lot from experimenting with our solutions, but noticed a new age requires a new set of tools. One unified, yet decentralised in a community-guided software studio.

The principles of our solutions remain. We still strip away the unnecessary in a pursuit of seamless simplicity. We still build with radical transparency and rapid experimentation. Only now, collaboratively.

Our namesake stems from the desire to bring order from our own chaos and shape the future of work.

We are   Blank Resident,   Julian Paul,   Vivi Aistova,   Andrei Muresan and   Filip Wróblewski.


Join us to shape the processes and tools that run the teams of tomorrow.

Designed with Open Purposea 

Part of   Wayward group c/o   Blank.