A forever immigrant, with no citizenship, traveling the world, experimenting with ideas by building remote teams/companies.

Born in Iran (0 → 10), raised in Sweden (10 → 20) and grew up in South East Asia (20 → 30).
The difference between being raised and growing up? In my twenties, I was raised by other's belief systems (family, friends, society) but in my thirties, I had to create my own to grow. To grow out of limitations and boundaries set by others. And I believe South East Asia was the perfect place to enable this. Through meditation, healthy diet and countless restarts to rebuild.

My lifestyle is heavily influenced by not having a long-term visa in any country. That means I'm in a constant change. This constraint challenged me to create new ways of life and work which seem to be contrarian to most.

Majority of these changes evolve around the concepts of Safety, Identity and Community.
Not having a home to go to, challenged my belief of Safety. To feel safe, I had to build a remote home. Which consists of a set of routines to ground myself where I am.

Not having an ID, challenged my idea of Identity. Where I come from or where I am, what I do, what I like or not don't like, doesn't define me anymore. I've learned to keep myself Blank to feel free of attachments. To just be. How I act, respond, live, depends on the time and place. I become what the time and place demand of me.

Not belonging to a place, challenged my need for Community. In my twenties, as I was growing through most of these challenges, I thought there's a strength in standing alone. Now in my thirties, I believe the opposite. Without my circles, I cannot function. The people I'm fortunate enough to have in my life, define me. I am best described by them.

These 3 concepts inspire most, if not all, my creative creations.
You see traces of it in OpenPurpose (Way of Service), OFC (Way of Work) and, BR (Way of Life).

I'm here to share what I learn.
In the hope of being of service to you.
As I'm not alone. You are not alone.

You can always talk to me.


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